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Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Firm in Mesa, AZ

Blue Road Enterprises is a leading tactical aircraft maintenance firm in Mesa, AZ comprising the most dedicated professionals in the field. There’s a rising demand for outside firms to fulfill military tactical aviation maintenance, and we were founded to aid and support red air operators, their equipment, and their aircraft. We currently have DDTC, FAA certifications and a team of expertly trained technicians caring for the organizations we serve. From minor to severe tactical repairs and maintenance, you can rely on our team to deliver optimal results. We’re innovating the way light and heavy modifications are conducted.

team photo by airplane

Experienced Military & Aviation Professionals

We were founded in 2017 by James Cheadle, a U.S. Army veteran with over 35 years in heavy structural repair and aircraft modification. Every team member has years of experience working in the military or other aviation industries. Their skill sets range from technical maintenance to aviation business. They are experienced industry experts who deliver precisely what our clients need to succeed. Here are the management and principal members of our team:

  • James Cheadle: CEO and President, Sales, Business Development, and Marketing
  • Ivah Cheadle: Human Resources and Accounting
  • Shane Talbott: Director of Maintenance
  • Jonathan Brassfield: Quality Assurance Manager
  • Kim Ament: Component Overhaul Supervisor

An Open, Honest, Communicative Team

Organizations and operators choose Blue Road Enterprises for our transparency and communication. Being honest with our clients is imperative to our success. We instantly update our clients with current disclosures and developments, ensuring they are continuously informed about our services, products, offerings, and practices. We send weekly progress reports and monthly newsletters with vital information regarding technology and trends and changes within the military aircraft maintenance industry. Our team will communicate with you constantly during your maintenance and repair services, ensuring everyone involved is unified and that your needs are met. We’re the most trusted firm for your tactical aircraft services.

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